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Why Choose Atlas Arch Neurosurgery

When it comes to back or neck pain, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with Atlas Arch Neurosurgery. Dr. Tice has performed countless spine surgeries, maintaining complication and infection rates at or below  national averages. Atlas Arch Neurosurgery offers years of expertise, success, and evidence-based research to deliver the best treatment for your back and neck pain.

Rather than persuade patients to make particular health decisions, Dr. Tice provides unbiased information that is supported by medical research. He is committed to offering patients information regarding all treatment options, whether those options are delivered by him or another specialist that he refers. He provides information on the pros and cons of each option and helps you explore the right treatment for your condition, lifestyle, and goals. He welcomes your questions and concerns.

Dr. Tice is dedicated to delivering academic, quality medicine within a compassionate community setting. Atlas Arch Neurosurgery is conveniently located in the Kokopelli Commercial Park in Fruita, Colorado. Patients have convenient access to comprehensive and innovative treatments for a variety of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

Education is a crucial component of the approach at Atlas Arch Neurosurgery as Dr. Tice and his team are committed to helping patients understand their medical conditions, navigate through complex medical situations, and select the best treatment available. By working together to coordinate an effective treatment plan, they have created a unique environment where outstanding medical care and compassionate medical care go hand in hand.



Business Hours

Monday through Thursday
8 AM to 5 PM
Patients are seen by
appointment only


401 Kokopelli Blvd. Unit 1
Fruita CO 81521


Office: 970-858-2580
Fax: 970-858-3211


Require a referral from physician


Please fax all patient referral information

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